August / September 2006

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August / September 2006 vol. 2-3
Issue At A Glance
  • Engagement = Satisfaction + Commitment
  • Economic Evaluation Made Easier
  • Monitoring Prescription Drugs:  A Split Decision
  • Canadian Employers Could Improve Mental Health
  • Help Wanted: Dealing with an Aging Population at Work

In This Issue

Engagement = Satisfaction + Commitment - In the excess of the eighties, searching for excellence was all the rage. Twenty years later, it was emotional intelligence. Now, engagement is the new “e” word. Read More »
Help Wanted: Dealing with an Aging Population at Work - Canada’s demographic situation is not quite a crisis, but close. The Conference Board calls this “one of the great challenges facing the country”. Why? Such changes will attack pension and retirement savings, reduce the growth of the tax base, and set the stage for some serious inter-generational con?ict.   Much has been written about our aging population: Read More »
Monitoring Prescription Drugs: A Split Decision - As usual, the 2005 annual report of Ottawa’s Patented Medicine Prices Review Board has good news. Prices of brand-name drugs are relatively low, and are increasing more slowly than general in?ation. The 2005 report also notes:  Read More »
Canadian Employers Could Improve Mental Health - A March 2006 survey of 1,501 Canadians indicates a largely positive attitude about our own health, and our access to private health plans. However, we believe our employers could do more to help people with mental health issues.   Read More »
Economic Evaluation Made Easier - Faced with scarce resources and competing demands, how do we calculate the value of our drug plan? How do we measure better health? What are the consequences of spending less from the point of view of employees?   These are not simple questions of calculating a cost. Economic analyses assess value from different perspectives:  Read More »
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