April 2013

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April 2013 vol. 9-2

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Focus on Function – De-medicalizing Disability - How would you answer this question? Receiving medical clearance is the most important element in facilitating an employee's successful return to work. Yes/No Read More »
Workplace Amenities Get Employees Moving - Physically active employees just make good business sense, including dollars and cents. Studies show that physically active employees are more productive at work, are absent less often, and use fewer health benefits. Healthy employees equal a healthy bottom line. Read More »
Infertility Coverage: A Life-changing Benefit - Infertility is a recognized medical condition. Even so, many employers do not include infertility treatments in their benefit packages, an omission that can affect the health and wellbeing of their employees as well as the company bottom line. Read More »
Love at Work – Success in the Feelings Economy - In an era of downsizing, doing more with less, and persistent preoccupation with the bottom line, love seems a topic better suited to the worlds of romance or psychology. Read More »
More Skinny on Skin Cancer - Cancer is a workplace issue and is a leading cause of disability. It directly affects employees and their performance at work and impacts their families, the community and society as a whole. That's why when a new and promising treatment appears, it is good news, not just for individual patients, but also for their employers, fellow employees and others in their environment. That's also why, when a new treatment appears for basal-cell carcinoma (BCC), employers would do well to take note. Read More »
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