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Tri Fit LITE™
Wellness Solutions Your Clients will Embrace
Inform, involve and inspire your clients to enhance organizational health, energy and performance withTri Fit LITE™, our model for organizations ready to get started on the road to wellness. Our approach is needs driven, flexible and cost effective.
We know that promoting health and wellness to your clients is a win/win situation. While you demonstrate a proactive approach to helping your clients manage their benefit costs, your clients will experience increased employee and organizational performance. Investing in the wellness of their employees will see a return on investment of $4 - $6 for every dollar invested. 
The moment your clients engage Tri Fit in the management of their wellness program, they will feel a palpable difference in the harmony of their workplace with…
  • Water cooler chatter about the delicious smoothies served up by the Tri Fit Wellness Consultant at the Eating Breakfast is Smart rove
  • Employees comparing their results from the gait analysis at the health fair
  • A buzz in the air from participants marking their progress in the Winning at Losing weight management challenge
  • Ideas exchange following the Achieving a Healthy Balance workshop 
  • Employees discussing diet and exercise tips following the health screening event
  • Nutrition debates spurred by the Nutrition 4 You e-campaign
With Tri Fit LITE™ your clients select from a menu of interactive wellness services: 
  • Strategic Planning for wellness
  • Employee needs assessment
  • Wellness Roves™, e-campaigns and challenges, wellness web-site management, on-line Get Fit at Home® program. health fairs, health screening, and, monthly wellness newsletters
Since 1978 our clients have seen the ROI that can be achieved through Tri Fit’s health and wellness services. 
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