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A global perspective on workplace trends for 2018 bh - 2018 is set to be a year of ongoing digital transformation. Gone are last year’s concerns about disruption arising from change and in their place, is a new confidence in the essential importance of the role of people in the workplace and their ability to augment the tools of automation. Read More »
Wages and the future of work bh - 2018 began with questions about the basics of work. How much should employees be paid? Read More »
PROFILES in businesshealth® – Cupanion® bh - What are the ingredients for success in 2018 and beyond? Can employers maintain corporate values in an age of technology? Read More »
Email interruptions: A silver lining? bh - Do you or your employees suffer from nomophobia? Are you concerned about the mental health and workplace productivity challenges of high-tech tools? Read More »
Vacations? Policy and culture bh - People are funny – remember Art Linkletter’s old TV show? In this case, some people fight for longer vacations, and people with access to unlimited vacations, often stay home. Read More »
bh Updates bh - Get the latest bh article updates. In this issue: Marijuana on the job, Harassment, Leave Benefits Read More »
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