View from the Top

Interview with Manu Varma, People Person/VP of HR, Traction on Demand bh - Manu Varma is an HR professional with over 15 years of experience in high tech, utilities and finance around the world.  Read More »
Interview with Keith Liu, SVP of Products and Innovation, Klick Health bh - “… successful companies tend to be great at adopting the right technologies in an appropriate context and at the right time.”  Read More »
Interview with Mark Wafer, President Megleen, Tim Hortons, Toronto - Mark Wafer is a Tim Hortons franchised owner with six locations in Toronto. He is an inclusive employer and has hired more than 130 people with disabilities over the past 21 years.  Read More »
Interview with Jim Estill, President and CEO, Danby Group - Jim Estill is a Guelph businessman who is personally sponsoring 50 Syrian refugee families and, in effect, leading a community-wide settlement initiative that involves volunteers from faith groups, social agencies and other businesses. From Estill’s point of view, “Its just doing the right thing is all it is.”  Read More »
Interview with Reg Robinson, Managing Principal, Solvera Solutions - Reg Robinson is Managing Principal of Solvera Solutions, an IT and business consulting company in Western Canada with a focus on collaboration and team work. As the architect of Solvera’s People Care strategies and chief custodian of the company culture, Reg has instilled his core philosophy of treating people like people across all aspects of the business. The company’s consistent demonstration of concern for the individual has resulted in a highly engaged and talented workforce, strong client relationships and impressive business results. Read More »
Interview with Veronica Marsden, BA, BSc, Co-President, Tri Fit & Sue Pridham, BA, MA, Co-President, Tri Fit - Veronica Marsden and Sue Pridham are outstanding in many respects. They are women leaders who have received national and international attention for their contributions to the field of fitness and workplace wellness. Read More »
Interview with Richard Bergman, BCom, LLB, Founder and President, Titan Building Products Inc. - Founder & President, Titan Building Products Inc.: “Once you have local success, it makes sense to expand your customer base around the world.”  Read More »
Interview with Scot Rutherford, G.S.C, President & Chief Executive Officer, Scott Builders Inc. - Scott Builders Inc. is a leader in commercial, industrial, and institutional low-rise construction markets offering a comprehensive Design/Build service that provides a single point of contact for every phase of a project from site selection through construction to interior design and landscaping.  Read More »
Interview with Ronnie Gavsie, Trillium Gift of Life Network - To accomplish our goal (maximizing organ and tissue donation) we started the Gift of 8 Movement and launched the campaign which includes a workplace initiative…. Read More »
Real Food for Real Kids - In 2004, David Farnell founded Real Food for Real Kids (RFRK). With his wife, Lulu Cohen-Farnell, he turned frustration with available food options – especially for children – into a growing and award winning food service business that connects children and families to real food and healthy eating. David is a strong advocate for local food economies and a tireless defender of a workplace culture built on shared core values. Read More »