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Innovation: A People Process at Arc’teryx bh - Arc’teryx is a high performance outdoor clothing and sports equipment company known for leading innovations in climbing, skiing and alpine technologies. Recognized in 2017 as one of B.C.’s top employers, Arc’teryx is also known as an organization that puts people first.  Read More »
The JLABS Story: Getting “There” from Here bh - “… with new technologies, all companies can … seize opportunities to become more innovative, encourage entrepreneurship, and provide the resources and support … to incubate new ideas …”  Read More »
Making a Difference: Inclusion, Innovation, Opportunity … Success - Profiles of Two Inclusive Companies - Meticulon Consulting & Project Services and Dolphin Digital Technologies Inc. share their thoughts on building more inclusive business environments Read More »
Putting People And Goodness First... participate, have fun and give back - Brand Momentum Inc. (BMI) says its culture is rooted in Goodness. Cynics are sceptical. They say that the bottom line is always about money, that business cannot succeed without a focus on profits and winning at all costs. Fortunately, BMI proves them wrong. Since 2009, BMI has grown to be Canada’s largest privately held sales and marketing agency with a team of 900 employees operating across Canada and recognition as one of Canada’s best places to work. Life Momentum (LM), its philanthropic foundation, supports initiatives for disadvantaged youth in Canada and the world.  Read More »
Teamwork - An Essential Core Value - H&M is a global fashion company. It was founded in Sweden in 1947 by Erling Persson as a single store selling women’s clothing and now offers clothing for everyone in multiple locations around the world, including Canada. Wherever H&M operates, daily business activities are guided by shared values that include teamwork, along with respect for each individual and their ability to show initiative. To find out more about teamwork as a value, as a support to individuals, and as a guide to what happens in the workplace, bh put some questions to H&M Canada: Read More »
Empowering women to lead What winning organizations do .... - Not so long ago, “first” women leadership stories made the news. Today ... not so much. Women have achieved leadership roles and many who are already leaders are networking to encourage others and ensure future opportunities for a new generation of women on their way up.  Read More »
Canadian Success Stories ... Competing with the World’s Best - HoneyBar Products International Inc., LED Roadway Lighting Ltd and Layfield Canada Inc.: “Every day, small, medium and large Canadian enterprises compete with the world’s best - making a difference in every industry.”  Read More »
“Great People Doing Great Work!” Focusing on People and the Community - Ideaca is a Canadian based consulting firm helping customers from strategy to solution through a portfolio of management consulting, implementation and support services. With more than 10 years of experience and over 350 satisfied customers, Ideaca’s 300+ employees across the country deliver innovative solutions around Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Business Intelligence, Portals and Collaboration, Cloud Computing, Custom Development and Integration, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Application Infrastructure, and Support Services. Read More »
Back in Motion - The key to our wellness program – what makes it unique – is that it is run by staff. Everything that happens, happens at the grass roots level. Empowering staff in this way requires a high level of trust in people. Read More »
Creating a Thriving Workplace - Habanero has a simple yet lofty purpose – to help people and organizations thrive. It achieves that purpose by creating world class employee and customer portal solutions, and by retaining highly engaged employees. Habanero Consulting Group is an IT company with offices in Vancouver, Calgary, and soon in Toronto. It was started in 1996 by two professional engineers who wanted to establish a company where they would be excited to work. Today, Habanero has more than 80 employees. It is a privately held partnership that has resisted rapid growth strategies or outside investment in order to maintain high employee and customer engagement. Read More »